Environmental Committment

Draining fluid from a vehicle at Town & Country Auto PartsThe Town & Country ownership and staff have a deep respect for nature and we want to do all we can to keep and maintain an environmentally friendly facility. The very nature of what we do is good for the environment - the dismantling of vehicles for parts resale and materials recycling. By weight, 76% of an average car’s content is recycled. No other complex mass-produced article has so far achieved such a high rate of recycling. We are proud of the ecological service that we provide.

As soon as a vehicle is received at our yard, the draining and collection of operating fluids such as oil, coolant, refrigerant and fuel is performed in our disassembly facility. This prevents groundwater contamination - something we feel is critically important. The fluids are then either reused, recycled or properly disposed of.

Our location is right in the midst of farm country. Taking care of our land and being a good neighbor is just as important to us as it is to the farmers around us. Taking care of the environment is something that all of our lives depend on.

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